The Chausey Islands

An archipelago of nature

During prehistory, Chausey was a continental site. The legend tells that a tidal wave would have isolated this archipelago and immersed vast territories of which the Forest of Scissy. Its insularity is more probably related to the melting of the ices which, for 10000 years, has risen the level of the ocean. The granite, since then, resisted the erosive forces of the sea.

Site of piracy and smuggling, Chausey was also the ceaseless theatre of the competitions between the English and the French. Contrary to the Anglo-Norman close islands, this forgotten archipelago is the only one to remain French. The archipelagos' approachs are characterized by islands and reefs with evocative toponymy: the Large Horse, Grossettes, Huguenants, Platte Ile. . . .

On the very small place of Grande Ile, is located a village quite singular in Normandy. Fishermen and vacationists lover of the islands compose in summer a community of some hundred of inhabitants. In winter, the inhabitants are not any more but one handle of professionals (fishermen, guards of the lighthouse...) to live the loneliness of these maritime landscapes.

The main part of the grounds of the main island and the small islands belong to the Société Civile Immobiliére des Iles Chausey, created at the beginning of the 20 th century.

The coastal path gives an easy access to the discovery of the main island and to the beaches. On the other hand, the landing on the islets is forbiden in period of birds nesting (from April to July)... 

photo village blainvillais
photo cale
maison Marin Marie
The light-house
Fishing boats
 Marin-Marie 's House
photo iles
photo eglise
The ferries
 The church
 North of the Sound
photo d'ajonc
photo de Jantje
Renault castle


The Dutch schonner Jantje

Accomodation on the Islands