Chausey islands, at low tide

365 islets, 52 islands, the strongest tides of Europe

The tides can reach fourteen meters of amplitude. The backward flow discovers immense sand banks which connect the islands between them. Only the main island and the Anneret island have dwellings, the other islets are the domain of seabirds, and shellfish. The initiated navigators sail between all these rocks, watching for their own reference marks, indication of sufficient depth in these pathways.

A walk on the seashore at low tide leaves the unforgettable memory of fantastic landscapes, chaos of rocks with magnifiscent shapes, immense and apparently desert banks of sand and mud. The seaweeds are there of an exceptional diversity; they are distributed on several stages and according to the substrate: rock, sand or mud.

Chausey, and its wildlife, is an outstanding place to protect.