The Bisquine from Granville


The Bisquine was the most common fishing vessel in the bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel until the 1940 's when engines started replacing sails. The vast majority of bisquines were line-fishing craft while the larger ones were trawlers or draggers operating over the oyster banks of the bay. Those operations required an enormous amount of motive power, thus inordinately large sail areas. As early as the 1850's, the bisquines from Granville and Cancale started competing in regattas up to two or three times a year. Only on these occasions would they fly their topgallants. Since the winners were awarded substantial prizes, the ship-builders worked hard at improving their craft for the glory of the region, the port and the crew.

In 1899, in Granville, the naval architect Louis Julienne built a bisquine in his shipyard: the Rose-Marie. Mr Julienne, his grandson, still has the original drawings and he has kindly lent them to the A.V.G.G.

The Granvillaise G90 , or the Rebirth of a Bisquine

When the Cancalaise was launched in 1987, the people from across the bay decided to take up the challenge and build their own bisquine. Work started on the Granvillaise at the ANFRAY shipyard on Dec 17, 1988 following a careful and detailed technical and financial study by Daniel DENIS and the A.V.G.G. Mr Claude ANFRAY, along with his sons Olivier and Thierry and their master craftsmen Jean-Pierre and Raymond created a true masterpiece of traditional shipbuilding.

They chose oak for the frame and iroko for the planking and the deck. The shipyard, in cooperation with volunteers from the Association and various members of the fishing profession in Granville put in the finishing touches. They painted the boat and installed the mast and the standing and running riggings.

Finally, on April 15, 1990, the Granvillaise was launched in front of a large crowd.


Since then, the G90 has been plying the waters of the bay from spring to fall. The A.V.G.G. owns the bisquine and oversees its operation. Two licensed sailors, a skipper and a first mate are hired by the Association to look after the passengers and initiate them to the various maneuvers for day outings and longer cruises.

You are undoubtedly familiar with the elegant lines, the white hull and the green washboards of the Granvillaise. The A.V.G.G. will be happy to welcome you aboard and help you get acquainted with this fascinating and living heritage from our not-too-distant past. Discover the pleasure of sailing on a traditional vessel. Admire the beauty of our coastline,of our islands or the Channel Islands. Do it all on the Granvillaise, a vessel of admirable craftsmanship from a traditional seaport with a fascinating maritime history. Translated from the French by Jocelyne Bourbonnière-Geisert.

La Granvillaise G90 is a registered trademark.

To read the article Les Bisquines, written by Marie-Noelle Hervé, from Le Monde (in French).
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The bisquine is the traditional sailing vessel with the largest sail area in France

  • Length of hull 18.28 m
  • Sail area fishing 293 sq.m
  • Width of hull 4.76 m
  • Sail area regatta 340 sq.m
  • Draught 2.75 m
  • Baudouin engine 70 hp
  • Length over all 32.30 m

Displacement 55 tons



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